Net-zero cool chain logistics on rail with the SWS-PowerBox®

The efficient utilization of all types of intermodal transport enables growth and progress.


With SWS Power Solutions, the shift of climate-neutral refrigerated logistics to rail can now begin worldwide.

Transport on the verge of change and the beginning of a new era

SWS-PowerBox® - Innovative rail transport solution

Driven by the problem of no solution, we have developed the SWS-PowerBox® over the last several years. It is a unique, global and almost maintenance-free system, which enables climate-neutral energy supply of cooling units on rail freight wagons as well as their complete digital monitoring.

Growth with system - sustainable, effective & innovative

Why to work with SWS?

Quality and innovation are the key elements of our success. As a powerful technology partner with a group of experts from different areas of logistics, we drive sustainable ecological development and offer 100% environmentally friendly solutions for refrigerated transport.

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One company - many advantages

Our team and our partners guarantee the best results


Reliable power solutions for continuous operation with minimal downtime


Expert support and maintenance services ensure smooth operation & timely issue resolution


First mover advantage in refrigerated rail with robust networks


Massive cost savings against already deployed systems