With SWS Power Solutions, the shift of climate-neutral refrigerated logistics to rail can now begin worldwide.

SWS Remote Monitoring System

Monitoring can be activated for each SWS-PowerBox®. The large number of possible data sets are updated every minute by default.

IoT, cutting-edge sensor technology and predictive maintenance are integrated in our remote monitoring system. At any time, important operations data and positioning data can be displayed in a lucid cockpit and accessed online by QR code or URL.

Whether you are a fleet manager in the headquarters, an operator or a driver on site, our remote monitoring system bundles relevant information on a digital platform, ensuring you can always keep track.

But we take it one step further. With the ability to communicate in both directions (two-way-communication), it is at all times possible to take control for remote maintenance or troubleshooting of our products.

Reliable logistics processes require specific information and rapid response times, these demands are bundled in one platform by SWS.


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