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With SWS Power Solutions, the shift of climate-neutral refrigerated logistics to rail can now begin worldwide.

Transport on the move and the beginning of a new era

Our mission for modern logistics

The transportation of goods is an essential part of any economy. Temperature-sensitive goods make up a large proportion of the transportation volume. The solutions offered today are based almost exclusively on fossil fuels and therefore have a negative impact on the environment. In contrast, our technologies offer sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods and logistics in general.

All our products use state-of-the-art battery technology and are therefore emission-free and ecological. We always consider the entire life cycle of the components we use in order to guarantee the sensible use of available resources. The use of state-of-the-art monitoring systems in our solutions supports seamless and efficient monitoring of transportation and logistics processes.

The creation of efficient and green logistics is only possible through the use of new technologies across all modes of transport. It is up to all of us to shape the future and we want to make a contribution together. This is what SWS stands for!


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CNA Innovation Award for Sustainability Award Ceremony

Mounting the SWS-PowerBox® on the RailRelease wagon

Efficient installation on site in Nymburk

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The SWS team combines different characteristics, comprehensive know-how and many years of experience. We offer answers to the challenges of modern logistics!

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Engineering & Technical Development

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Head of Operations

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Engineering & Technical Design

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Project Manager

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Project Manager

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Junior Project Manager

SWS Asia

We are proud to have a profound strategic and technical expertise in Asia to secure our quality and to strengthen our position in the market for the future.

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Senior Advisor

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Taiwan Representative