With SWS Power Solutions, the shift of climate-neutral refrigerated logistics to rail can now begin worldwide.


The SWS-PowerBox® is a unique solution for transporting temperature controlled goods, such as fruits, vegetables, frozen products, etc., as well as medical or technical products, to ensure an seamless cold chain by rail. By equipping existing and new container wagons with the SWS-PowerBox®, the wagon has its own autonomous, environmentally friendly energy supply for the operation of all common intermodal transport units. By using the latest high-performance battery technology, the solution with the SWS-PowerBox® is CO2-free and increases the sustainability of the transport of temperature-sensitive goods


The future of rail transport

SWS-PowerBox® advantages at a glance


Low maintenance costs, due to modular spare parts concept.


100% environmentally friendly solution with zero emissions due to the use of kinetic energy


Easy installation thanks to the plug-and-play principle


Up to 72 kWh battery power with our recuperation energy charging system

How resistant is the SWS-PowerBox® to external damage caused by the risks of loading and unloading containers? Can the box's components be easily replaced and repaired?

How does the outside temperature affect the performance of the SWS-PowerBox®?

Is it already a market-ready product and field-tested concept?

How is the SWS-PowerBox® installed on the container wagon? Can it be easily dismantled again?

How is the SWS-PowerBox® monitored?

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