With SWS Power Solutions, the shift of climate-neutral refrigerated logistics to rail can now begin worldwide.

From road to rail transport – an environmentally sustainable way to convey products by rail

January 29, 2024

One of the most significant burdens on freight logistics is road traffic emissions, which include tyre wear. The effect of tyre wear is the polluting of air and soil with micro-rubber, which is damaging to our health and our living environment. The small particles enter the respiratory tract and can cause disease. They also end up in our waterways, affecting water quality and the overall ecology.

Given this context, it makes logical to strengthen and expand the volume of products moved by rail. Rail transport, unlike HGVs, does not produce tyre wear or other emissions such as CO2. However, the benefits of rail transportation are not confined to reducing tyre wear. Rail transportation also provides more capacity, which improves overall traffic volume.

Driven by the fact that there is no long-term solution for refrigerated rail transport, SWS PS Power Solutions GmbH created the SWS-PowerBox® to allow temperature-controlled items to be transported while maintaining an uninterrupted cold chain.

The hydraulic axle generator generates energy by movement, comparable to a bicycle dynamo. The SWS-PowerBox® is outfitted with a rechargeable LFP battery storage system that provides electricity for chilling refrigerated transport units when in transit and when not in use.

This innovation contributes to reducing the environmental impact of tyre wear and emissions. Shifting commodities from the road to rail benefits not only the environment, but also people’s health and the long-term viability of our transportation business.

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